The Release

The Release - Alistair Moore

A Love Letter to Broken Britain” – Read the press release from Candy Jar Books: CJ_The_Release_Press_Release

Revenge is a dirty word, but what would you do if you met your child’s killer?

Bennie lives a low-key existence and goes largely unnoticed by those around him, something he has turned into a vocation.

His world is upended when a violently bereaved father offers him a life-changing amount of cash for information about his son’s murderer, soon to be released from prison.

Against a background of colourful characters, social division and brutalist inner-city architecture, Bennie finds himself caught up in another man’s quest for vengeance. Navigating danger, suspicion and the ever-present threat of violence, Bennie is tested to the limit as he digs into the past of a boy who became a killer.

A chance encounter brings romantic entanglement while helping Bennie towards his goals. Ultimately he is forced to confront questions of crime and punishment, morality and justice, redemption and the true meaning of freedom.

Published by Candy Jar Books, July 2018

Available now from Amazon, all good bookshops, and direct from the Candy Jar Books webstore.