Talented friends

Woody Hegedus, Illustrator
Paul Campbell, Artist and Illustrator
Noah Gubb
, Artist
Matt Barnden, Music Producer
John Coxon & Ashley Wales
, Music Producers
Johan Nayar
, Author, Musician, Creativity Coach
Christos Mavridis
, Filmmaker
Spiros Maus, Music Producer
Jan-Vincent Velazco, Musician
Duncan Smith, Filmmaker
Christine Ansorge, Photographer
Jack Chang, Music Producer, DJ
Oli Freke, Music Producer, DJ
Mathilde Ramadier, Writer, Artist
Glenn Speers, Actor
Heather Kai Smith, Artist
Finn Dean, Artist, Photographer
Catriona Gray, Photographer
Sacha Maric, Photographer
Johanna Dumet, Artist
John Higgins, Illustrator, Writer
Mike Hawthorne, Artist
Todd Kleparski, Producer
Zoran Trajkovic, Film Editor, Director
Alan Whitlock, Graphic Designer
Andrée Trotter, Theatre Director
Josephine Hartfiel, Photographer
Jeremy Williams, Musician
James Day, Artist
Carlos Carrasco, Designer, Art Director
Dice Parks, Artist, Musician
Neil Myers, Film and TV Composer
Tanja Selzer, Artist
Cecy Heguy, Artist and Designer
Gerhard Symons, Artist
Ruth Wardill, Artist

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