I like this grey sky
It makes me less alone than sunshine.
Now, nature is with me
Right now it understands me
The heaviness in the air feels like truth
Foretelling something breaking soon.

But it breeds hope too
The rain itself is proof
That action begets reaction
The pendulum swings back and forth
Purges and refreshes.

Exercise is a drug
It makes me stronger
I can’t change the world outside
But I can mould myself
As I rest, letting the sweat evaporate and the endorphins dissipate
I glance a newspaper by my feet
A team of armed green-clad commandoes
Reminds me of it all again
Interrupting my only respite
Spoiling my vibe.
I saw as I kicked it out of sight
That it was just a poster for the ninja turtles.
We all know news is poison

It would be so much easier
To be a simple, happy child
Unable to even conceive of an end to the fun
I’d change the world, if I could
But I would not for the world
Change myself.

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