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The Release is now on pre-order from Candy Jar Books

Revenge is a dirty word, but what would you do if you met your child’s killer?

My novel The Release is now available for pre-order from the publisher, Candy Jar Books.

The Release by Alistair Moore

Blurb – Bennie lives hand-to-mouth in a little bedsit, spending his days avoiding the unsavoury people who wander about his building.

All changes one day, when he agrees to help a bereaved father find a small piece of information in exchange for a sum of money which could change Bennie’s life forever.

As he explores a stark urban underworld to dig into the past of a boy who became a killer, Bennie tests his wits to the limit, makes an unexpected friend, and risks his life to find the answers he needs.

Set in inner-city Britain, The Release explores vengeance, redemption, and the real meaning of freedom.

Background – I wrote it around 2008-2009, when youth criminality was big in the news. Tabloid newspapers and politicians started using the phrase ‘Broken Britain’ following a few high-profile cases which shocked the public.

I was interested in the idea of a violently bereaved parent who refuses to recognise the verdict of the courts. I was also intrigued by the idea of someone ‘invisible’ who blends into his surroundings without being noticed, and the kind of situations such a character might find himself in.

I wanted to write something a little more layered and reflective than just a grim council estate drama, a theme which has been somewhat overdone in the UK over the last decade or two.

The official publication date is 26 July 2018, after which it will be available from bookstores and Amazon.
Big thanks to everyone who has supported me, and especially to Shaun, Lauren and Will from Candy Jar. Watch this space for all further news!
Cover art and design by Finn Dean.

Kickoff to screen at CineFringe Film Festival 2014

cinefringe film festival

Kickoff gets its first 2014 screening, and its first showing in Edinburgh at the 5th CineFringe festival. Films selected will screen at the Fringe Cinema at Sweet Venues in Grassmarket in August 2014 as part of the wider Edinburgh Fringe Festival. We’re very happy to get into this one – huge kudos to the volunteers who run CineFringe, making cinema a part of the Edinburgh Fringe along with comedy, theatre, arts, dance and music. Screening details to come.

Kickoff screening at Berlin Raindance Filmmakers’ Feierabend, Thursday 24 October

Raindance Berlin
Happy to announce the very first Berlin screening of Kickoff, which will take place on the evening of Thursday 24 October at Katerholzig, venue of one of Berlin’s most famous (and sadly soon to be closed) techno clubs.

Having been unable to attend London Raindance, I’m glad to have the chance to present it again here to an audience of Berlin-based filmmakers and film lovers. Only 6 euros on the door for a great evening of short film and networking – more info here:

Facebook page here:

See you there!